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Its not about bragging, but

We're creating the best Kids Apps and Learning Games for preschool kids.

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Ever since making our first app available to users worldwide, VGMinds has worked towards its long withstanding mission to make kids learning fun, entertaining, productive and at the same time kids safe experience.


We want to live in a world where technology and design are seamlessly intertwined, bringing together a unique kids experience while learning, and strive to reach this goal everyday — working harder to be at the pinnacle of the Kids Preschool Learning App. With our wide range of easy-to-use apps that keep kids usability and learning at forefront, parents will feel empowered and encourage kids through our apps.

What We Are About


25+ Million downloads with 4+ Average Ratings and growing.


Selected for first cohort of Google Appscale Academy 2022.

Winner of Innovative Startup (Elevate) 2018 - Initiative of Govt. of Karnataka.


Keep delivering the Best Kids Safe Learning App with great content that focuses on learning and entertainment designed with pedagogy consultation .

No child should be deprived of preschool education and our app focuses on delivering free learning content to all preschooler across globe.


Join the community of million+ parents who believed in our app and our mission.

Download the best kids preschool learning apps and start early schooling for your kids that emphasise on cognitive, analytical, behavioural and logical reasoning.


Our Offices


Join us to work on incredible ideas and designs.


Deliver amazing kids apps that reaches millions across the globe bringing smiles on every kids face , sense of happiness and trust in every parents mind.


We’d Love to Work With You

Come join the fun team working on amazing apps for kids learning and be the part of success.

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